Weapon X Kennels was Established in 1995. We are located in Eastern N.C. We have owned & worked with many different working dog breeds over the years (depending on our different needs at different times in life). We are currently working to establish a line of American Akitas that will preserve the breeds original & unique temperament, courage, strength, & natural protection abilities. 
We are also putting together an awesome line of rough & tumble Pembroke Welsh Corgis that looks & acts more like the power-packed little farm hands that the breed was once known for.
Weapon X Kennels has had a long history & love for the working Terriers & Bull breeds. It’s because of this love that we’ve put together a Boston Terrier program with some very solid individuals that will rival the quality of Bostons seen in the 1930’s-1950’s era. 
-Jason Price/WXK.