Weapon X Kennel’s Bad Boy (R.I.P). Bad Boy was an extremely game & gritty terrier, he was also a super locater.
My breeding program is based on this dog as well as his father “Bad Billy”.
Wilson’s Bad Billy (R.I.P.), Passed in 2018 at the ripe old age of 15. He was the Father of Weapon X’s Bad Boy
& the Grandfather to Weapon X’s Ice Man!


Weapon X Kennel’s “Lady Death” a terrier that figures strongly into our program.

Weapon X’s Droid, Mother to Ice Man.


Bad Boy & Lady pulled this large bobcat from under an old pack house on a hunt near our home. 
This is a tunnel box I made to get the terriers ready for tunnel work.
Bad Boy looking for a way in!

At the end of the tunnel is the prey animal, there are bars placed in
to keep the dog from the prey.(the possum was released after this practice.)
Weapon X’s Disciple training at 8 Months.
Wilson’s Blue Diamond (AKA Black Diamond), Mother to Bad Boy.
Wilson’s Gravedigger Jr. a great Booth dog that figures strongly into the Weapon X breeding program!
Weapon X’s Boots
Weapon X’s Gidget
Bad Boy’s first Hog catch!
Wilson’s Crash, a pure Booth male.
“What an awesome terrier!”
Wilson’s Crash is theFather of Weapon X’s Adder &
Weapon X’s Ida Clare.
Ice Man & his daughter Kent’s Hazel (R.I.P.) making a team catch!
Weapon X Kennel’s Adder
Weapon X Kennel’s Moccasin