Weapon X Kennel’s Yeti
“Siege” a Bishop X Timber son at 11 months old & 123 pounds,
 owned by Saul Galindo. 

Weapon X’s Bishop.

Southpaw Kennel’s Sequoia owned by Thomas Donahue.
Getting in some bite work!

WXK’s Cherokee.

WXK’s Cherokee at 12 weeks.


                                                                                                Weapon X’s Bailiff  at 15 months old 

(Pictured left & right).
Weapon X’s Bailiff, well over 28 inches at the withers.
Weapon X’s Yeti at 4 months old (a son of Bailiff & Cherokee).
Weapon X Kennel’s Yeti getting in some cage work!

Bishop’s first time hitting the sleeve!!!

Tundra & King James Making a team catch.

Jason Pimental’s Big Chief  & Bella Rose
at about a year & a half old.

 Enemy Catcher & Bailiff making a catch.

Weapon X’s Timber (pictured right & left).
WXK’s Tundra at 12 weeks.                          Weapon X’s Tundra


A pencil drawing of Bailiff I received as a gift from the Great Artist Jan Gaul.


WXK’s “Yeti” pictured here at 5 months old
& weighing in at 71 pounds!

The Boar Beisser Dog, because sometimes
it takes a Predator to stop a Predator.
(WXK’s Bishop)
Cherokee going in on a rogue hog!
Timber & Deacon making a team catch.
WXK’s Bailiff at 3 years old.
Boar Beisser pup at 7 weeks old.


Weapon X’s Ruger
Boar Beisser pup at 8 weeks old.

Uli stopping a hog on a solo catch.           Weapon X’s Uli.

Bishop working a jaw hold to stop a huge boar!
Bailiff getting in some cage work!



Gringo’s Wyatt (pictured left & right)
An accomplished hunter that tracks & catches coyotes, coons, & hogs.
 Kat owned by a hog hunter of Thibodaux, Louisiana, pictured here along with some of her catches from a good days hunt! Kat is a belly sister to Weapon X’s Bishop.
A massive Boar Beisser pup at 4 weeks old.

 Last Cavalry Canine’s “Conner” (owned by Ron Drappeaux) pictured here at just 8 Months old doing some bitework training. Ron says “Conner is a Beast with tons of endurance, & is quickly becoming his favorite breed to work”! This is a big statement coming from Ron as he owns & works with both Belgian Malanois & American Bulldogs.
Tundra (pictured left & right)
working hard to get a rogue boar stopped!
Nola” (Pictured left & above) is a daughter of WXK’s Bishop &
WXK’s Timber. Owned by Dwight Ory of TX.
Weapon X’s Bishop pictured here at 14 months old



“Levi” a son of Bailiff & Tundra
(at approximately 4 weeks old). 
Owned by Dave Falsetta
Bailiff & Timber at 8 weeks old.

Boar Beissers are true “Predator Defense Dogs” & therefore can be aggressive with strange animals, 
wild canines, & with other dogs of the same sex. Early socialization is a must if you intend to have your boar beisser get along well with  your other animals & dogs! 


 Weapon X’s Bailiff (on left & right)

with a solid jaw hold!
Weapon X’s Deacon. R.I.P.