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      When we decided to start putting together the program for the Price Boar Beisser, the first thing we did was write up a list of standard characteristics this dog would need to have, a canine blueprint so to speak!
The next step was to decide what breeds to use (that had the traits needed) to best help us achieve this goal.
Before I go further it most be noted that, although the breeds that we used in the development of the Price Boar Beisser were vital for the formation of the breed, the breed still would not be what it is today without the meticulous testing, culling, & selecting for the particular characteristics that now define the breed!  

The Foundation Dogs Of The

Price Boar Beisser

The first step in building the Price Boar Beisser was the German Rottweiler & American Bulldog cross. This was to be the base & strong frame work to build from! A lot of people ask me how we got such big dogs as we have in some of our larger sized Price Boar Beissers, well a lot of the size came from the Johnson American Bulldog genes that we used, however the real "secret" was in the Rottweiler bloodlines that we used. We did not use the shorter, more compact, 80-100lb Rottys that have come in vogue these days. Instead we used a "giant line" of  German Rottweiler with mature males reaching weights of up to 150-180 pounds & standing 27-28 inches tall or more at the withers! I decided to go this route to get the large size & powerful frame for the breed (as apposed to other mastiff breeds) because the raw power & biting force of these huge rotties was just enormous! Even though the bloodlines of the Rotts that we used in the "Price Boar Beisser" were very large, they were also very balanced dogs, they had a good amount of endurance & work drive, & were also fairly athletic & agile for their large size.  
Weapon X's "Dina Der Wachter". A
 foundation female, that figures heavily
 into the Price Boar Beisser breed.  
Weapon X's "Butterbean"
A towering beast of a dog!
Another picture of Weapon X's "Butterbean"
an absolutely massive dog & a founding
dog of the Price Boar Beisser. 
If the Giant German Rottweilers we used were built to deliver punishment, then the Johnson American Bulldogs we used were built to take it! First I'd like to say, there's been some criticism over the years in regards to the Johnson line of dogs, with such a vast array of quality found in the Johnson dogs of today, some of this criticism has been well warranted. Still I have owned Scott, Johnson, & hybrid type American Bulldogs, & I can say without a doubt, some of the best dogs I've owned were 100% Johnsons! After years of observing the variety of "types" found in the Am Bulldog breed, it is my opinion that the real problem isn't the Johnson dogs so much, but rather it's the dogs that it's being compared with. When expected to perform in the same way as the smaller, lighter, (& therefore more agile) lines of the American bulldog, the Johnsons might at first seem to ponderous, or brutish, however when compared to other "mastiff type" dogs of a similar size & bone structure, you will find that a (Well Bred) Johnson dog can often move as good as (or better than) many of the modern mastiff breeds. The Johnson American Bulldog also (typically) has more preydrive & grit, which makes the Johnson Dogs way more at home doing true "Olde Fighting Mastiff" type work such as catching boars & going toe to toe with large & dangerous animals out in the wild!
WXK's "Cash Money", a very influential
Foundation dog in the Price Boar Beisser Breed.
Weapon X Kennel's "Cash Money", 100% Johnson,
explosively powerful, & a freak athlete!
WXK's "Cash Money" an ace at running down &
catching rogue hogs!
 No doubt about it; the addition of Johnson blood brought the bulldogs stoicness (or in other words it's ability to ignore pain) to the Boar Beisser breed. It also brought high prey drive, & the bulldogs instincts to catch & hold hogs. The Johnson infussion also brought more of the much needed, size, raw power, & fighting spirit that's still in the better examples of the breed! At the same time, the Rotty blood helped correct a few undesirable traits that are found in some American Bulldogs. By Adding the Rotty blood we managed to completely eradicated the short Brachycephalic muzzle & underbite of the bulldog, it also eradicated the exaggeratedly turned out shoulders & sway back that sometimes plagues the Am bulldog breed, not to mention the bulldogs tendency to produce dogs with disproportionately smaller rear ends!
After these first crosses were done, we ended up with some very large solid dogs with good preydrive, catching instincts, crazy power, & very correct structures! Now that we had the strong base for the breed, we now needed to add the gameness, endurance, & athleticism, not to mention super preydrive & fight drive! the Heart of the machine if you will! This brings us to the third addition to the Price Boar Beisser, the American Pit bull Terrier bloodlines. We used two lines of APBT in the formation of the Price Boar Beisser, the first type we used was an XL hog catching line of American Pit Bull Terrier bred down from the old "Mason's Ch Hog/Watchdog Kennels" line. These dogs usually ran big (between 90-100lbs.) & had been bred in the rural South for many generations for the main purpose of hunting & catching feral hogs. Even though These dogs were big, they were also very athletic, & lean; built for speed, power, & endurance. As you would imagine, they also had insane preydrive, & although not directly off of game dog lines, the dogs we used in our program were game by gamedog standards!
Chevy Heartbeat's "Merlin" a hog catching
machine & the Father of WXK's "Shaka"
& Grandfather to Don's Crusher. 
Weapon X's "Shaka" an important foundation dog in
the Price Boar Beisser breed.
Don's "Crusher" another influential foundation
dog in the Price Boar Beisser Breed.
The second line we used was tried & true gamedog blood coming through fastlane dogs bred down from none other than our old Weapon X's (Adcox's) Gr' Ch Grunt! (I'd like to take the time here to say that I no longer keep, own, or have any dealings with gamedogs or the gamedog world, I left the gamedog world well over a decade ago. The pictures & information bellow is for historical purposes ONLY!!) During the time that I kept & raised gamedogs, I had the chance to see many good dogs, & quite a few Champions, but I had never seen a pit dog with the raw power, bite force, & intinsity that Grunt could put out! When we decided to start the Boar Beisser program, it was imperative that we include some Grunt blood into the recipe, unfortunately by that time, Grunt had already passed. We searched everywhere for a good stud that could bring the Grunt
influence to the breed. We finally decided on a stud named "Driller" a 1xw & a direct descendent of Gr' Ch Grunt! Driller was a heavy hitter who's bite & style was very close to old Grunt! 
Weapon X Kennel's "Driller" 1xw, 
A foundation dog of the Price Boar Beisser.
A devastatingly powerful dog in his own right
& the catalyst to bring Gr' Ch Grunts genes into
the Price Boar Beisser breed!
 Weapon X Kennel's Gr' Ch Grunt R.I.P.
The true G.O.A.T. of the Heavy weight gamedogs!
May he live on in the Price Boar Beisser breed.
(Historical Photo, Cerca 2004.)
Weapon X Kennel's Gr' Ch Grunt (Adcox's) 
(Historical Photo, Cerca 2003.)
   Once all this came together, we now had a dog that was virtually unstoppable, a dog bred for grit, not a lot of hype & hot air, but True Grit! A dog for people that still appreciate the warrior spirit. A true predator defense dog with real preydrive & fightdrive! A large dog that's not a paper giant, (like so many of the show mastiffs of today) but instead is a solid, reliable, workhorse that can take it as well as he gives it! A Dog that can catch wild hogs, run down large predators, & protect the farm from virtually anything! We finally have a  Predator Defense dog in the US that I can assure you, will rival the best in the world! The Price Boar Beisser.
                           -Jason Price/ Breed Founder.



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